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Years of experience have allowed us to offer you original dresses, made of high quality materials at the most attractive prices available on the market. Dresses, which have been selling with great succes and are gaining more and more publicity every year.


This is our latest collection of wedding dresses!

This year, we are presenting 23 new models of dresses. This time, we have designed some semi-transparent corset dresses, both with and without boning. Most of the new designs have bra cups.

There is a new color available – skin , which is similar to the color of your skin. Our first real “mermaid” wedding dress – A 373 is made of stretch crape, which is slightly elastic, making it beautifully hug the curves of your hips. We have used some new lace styles, including currently fashionable 3D lace.

Apart from the standard collection, this year we have decided to offer you the possibility to order DIY Dresses – Do It Yourself Dresses, which means that you can make your own dress. Then, the dresses included in the collection are delivered too you as a half-finished product – a pattern for you to decorate yourself. They have no lace, appliques or other decorative details, allowing you to create your own individual designs.

To order such patterns, you just need to add “DIY” when choosing your dress model.  Please do not forget that you may also mix different designs (e.g. a corset and a skirt from two different models).

We offer a wide selection of satin colors: white, cream, mint, light pink, dirty pink, gray, skin, sand and black, enabling you to order dresses in various colors.

Should you have any questions, please send us an e-mail to: [email protected] or call us at: +48 91 48 720 63

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